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About Me

I am a wildlife biologist with 14 years of experience working with bats in Missouri. Over the years, I have received countless calls from friends, neighbors and strangers asking for help to remove a stray bat in their home, or to pick up a grounded, seemingly injured bat in need of help. I enjoy helping people and they bat get back to doing what they love, and typically that's not each other's company. 


My webpage contains links and information that I consider to be the most accurate, safe, and helpful information for removing a bat from a residence. I hope these resources are helpful to you. If not, I look forward to meeting you in person and helping you, and the bat, get back to your lives.


Please feel free to share your feedback and comments with me anytime, especially if they help improve this website. 

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Contact Me

500 Terry Francine St.

San Francisco, CA 94158


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