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 Professional  Bat Removal Service



If you have a bat trapped in your home and need it removed, please call me any time at 573-260-3828. I can also receive text messages. 


The $75.00 fee covers a one-time visit to your residence in the City of Columbia, removal of bat from your residence, and release of the animal back into the wild. The fee also covers a 15-minute consultation on how to prevent bats from getting into your house in the future. If the animal is weak or hurt and needs rehabilitation, I will make sure it's rehabbed or humanely euthanized. 


Requests for services after 9 PM are an extra $25.00. In rare instances, I am willing to travel outside Columbia, which will depend on the situation and travel required and may cost extra. 

To prepare for my visit, please read and follow instructions below as best as you can. 

Indiana bat

  1.  Do not touch the bat with your hands or objects. Do not poke the bat with objects because it stopped moving or flying to see if it's still alive. Resting bats don't move much. 

  2.  Turn off any ceiling fans with moving blades that could strike a flying bat. 

  3.  Isolate the bat. When feasible, isolate the bat from people and pets and from being able to fly into other areas of your house. Turn off any fans, lights, or loud sounds in the area with the bat. 

  4.  If it's safe for you to do so, take a photo or short video of the general area with the bat. Images will help me understand if I will need a ladder or extension pole to capture the bat. Don't worry if you can't, a verbal description is often enough. 

  5.  When you have isolated the bat, call me at (573) 260-3828.

  6.  If you lost track of the bat do your best to look around for it. Bats are likely to hang out as high as they can, often on curtains or near ceilings on walls. With enough time, they will almost always try to go toward areas with air flow coming into your house so they can get back outside. While scanning around for the bat, wear thick leather gloves and move objects gently and carefully, making sure not to touch the bat and making sure you don't harm the bat by putting an object on it. If you still can't find the bat, review resources in the DIY Bat Removal Resources tab.



I always appreciate your feedback and review!

Lynda on Spring Valley Rd.

 Columbia, MO

"I have had several bat incursions in my home. Vona has helped me through both. One weekend she went out of her way to come to my house when I noticed a bat hanging out in my skylight. Vona kindly and generously alleviated my fears. She skillfully climbed a ladder and removed the bat - relocating it safely outdoors. Through Vona I learned interesting bat facts. On a second occasion, Vona helped me help a bat make its own way out of the way again - patience and kindness to ensure the bat got where it most wanted to be!"

Shruti on Rollins Ave.   Columbia, MO

One summer afternoon, we were sitting outside on our patio when we saw something flying strangely around the patio and then sort of disappear. We didn't know what it was, but we were a little freaked out. The next day I noticed that there was a bat in our bushes. It was flopping around but couldn't fly. My husband suggested we call Vona and ask her what to do. She came over and gathered up this injured bat and took it to a rehabilitation facility. They nursed her back to health, and it turns out the bat was pregnant! She gave birth to a male bat. It was a wonderful experience. Vona loves bats and will go out of her way to help. 
June 2019

Sebastian on MU Campus    Columbia, MO

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