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Wildheart finds endangered bat species during BioBlitz at Shaw Nature Reserve

In September, Wildheart participated in the St. Louis Academy BioBlitz. As part of the event, biologists, naturalists, and environmental specialists guide public volunteers on wildlife and plant surveys. This year, the event was held at the Shaw Nature Reserve, which supports a high diversity of wildlife and plants.

Wildheart set up mist nets to document the types of bats present at the Shaw. The event was attended by more than thirty curious adults and kids hoping to get a glance at the nocturnal critters. It was just their luck that during the mist net survey, Widlheart captured and discovered a previously unknown bat species to the Shaw Nature Reserve - the endangered Indiana bat!

The adult, female bat flew into a net shortly after dusk. The bat was measured and safely released back into the wild. The finding surprised and thrilled the Shaw Nature Reserve, who is happy to know their land is able to support a species in trouble. Wildlife will be working with the Shaw to further document the presence and use of habitat by these endangered bats in 2018.

For more information on the St. Louis Academy Biblitz, click here:

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