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Jabberwocky Bird House Building Workshop

Jabberwocky Studios ( is a Columbia, Missouri organization whose mission is to use art to enhance equity and inclusion in our diverse community. Jabberwocky teamed with Wildheart to learn about birds, habitat conservation, and to build bird houses that were hung at the 3M wetlands in Columbia, Missouri. The effort was part of their summer STEAM Camp experience, which incorporates Art in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math program at Jabberwocky.

For the Art part of the workshop, student drew their favorite birds. Here is a selection of their amazing art work:

The team then used their engineering and art skills to assemble and paint their bird houses.

The group later went out to find suitable locations to hang their bird houses along the 3M wetland in town, which runs adjacent to the MLK biking trail on the south side of town. Wildlife cameras were hung to monitor bird activity at each bird house, which will later be reviewed for the Science and Math part of the project.

While out hanging the houses, the students also received a lesson in bird identification from the Missouri Department of Conservation! I call that at SUCCESS!

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